Comic Book Camp Part 1

Summer Camp Workshop

Workshop Details

Class of 2016
This camp will be a five day intensive  progression through the basics of producing a comic book page, from the earliest beginnings of a script, through simple character design, page layout and design, on to finished pages coloured and lettered traditionally.

Note: When you sign up, please check which date you are interested in starting: July 11 OR July 25.


Day 1: Scripting for Comics
Basics of comic book scripting:
Traditional script formats versus Marvel style scripts

Day 2: Character Design
Basics of Main Stream Character Design OR Manga Character Design (Choose the stream you want. Do you want to do the latest sleek super hero or would you like to create a Manga character? You pick the one you want.)
Day 3: Comic Book Layout
Basics of Layout
Day 4 & 5: Inking and Colouring
Basics of Inking
Traditional Colouring

Work Examples