Costume Design – Saturdays

Arts Workshop

Workshop Details

For those looking to sketch and design distinct, interesting costumes and clothing for every range of character, this Costume Design art workshop is a must! By the end of this class, students will have the tools they need to sketch, draw, and design dynamic costumes and outfits for any kind of character.

Costume Design is all about confidence in drawing clothing, cuts and shapes that suit the character, and a motif that ties the design together. From Casual Wear to Battle Ready, we will be covering a wide whole range of costume types and dressed characters.  

The class will start with the basics of depicting clothing, including drawing folds and drapery and developing line quality. Students will learn how to capture a variety of different materials, including how these materials interact with the body and with body movement. Next, we’ll explore silhouette, and how to make a costume ‘pop!’ with a variety of cuts and shapes that build the design. The class will finish off by exploring motif, and how to execute your costume theme in a variety of interesting and eye-catching ways.

Prerequisites: Students should come into the class with some experience drawing the human body at a variety of angles.

Ages: 14+


Please note materials are not included in this cost. Students will be given a material list prior to the start of the class.


Want to learn more about drawing the human body? Try our Introduction to Life Drawing course! Want to dive deeper into the world of Comic Books? Try our Comic Books for Adults class (ages 17+)! Both of these classes are being offered in the Winter 2020 semester.

About the Instructor

 freelances as a comic artist and colourist, and teaches the Cartooning for Comics course. While working on her webcomics Take Off! and Godslave since 2010, she’s had work published in the Toronto Comics Anthology, the Valor anthology, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, and often works as a colourist for creative teams and local publishers.






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