ONLINE! Creation and Theory of Creature Design – Wednesdays

Arts Workshop

Workshop Details

“Creation and Theory of Creature Design” – During this workshop, students will learn how to design believable creatures by going over everything from concept and thumbnail sketches, setting up your references, choosing your colour palettes, and the theory behind what makes a believable creature.

This workshop is intended for anyone ages 14+

Workshop sessions will happen once a week, and be 2 hours each!



This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Hangouts/Meetings. Sessions will be recorded and provided to students. Students will be required to use their web camera or phone during the stream to share work if they would like to receive feedback or direction with their artwork.

Please note that materials are not included in the cost of this class.

Students are not required to have all of the materials listed below.

  • Digital tools such as drawing program of choice, drawing tablet and pen are preferred.

  • Traditional drawing tools such as pencil, paper, ruler and eraser may be used should students not have digital tools. Students utilizing traditional mediums will be required to clearly photograph or scan their artwork. These files would then have to be uploaded to the drive provided for this workshop should student’s wish to like to receive feedback on their work. Due to the time required for this process, it is recommended that students upload their work between sessions so the Instructor can utilize the scheduled workshop period to it’s fullest.

  • Notebook for taking notes (if desired)

  • An email address and access to Google Drive for homework assignments and file sharing.



About the Instructor

TAYLOR BURGESS is a Concept Art graduate of Max the Mutt. He is well versed in Digital Painting, with a love for exploration and visualization skills for Creatures and Character Designs. He is intensely passionate and has a love for creating all aspects of Design.

To view more of Taylor’s artwork, visit his online portfolio here!

Work Examples

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