Introduction to Story Structure & Character Development

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Whether you want to make an animated short, write a book, create a graphic novel or learn to write a screenplay— this course will provide you with fundamental tools to get you started on your journey. A sound of understanding of the building blocks and anatomy of a good story and how you can manipulate the structure to tell your story.
In addition to learning the nuts & bolts, analyzing and studying films you will also develop your own idea from logline to a full page outline.
Who is this for?
Anyone who is curious about how stories work and possibly want to tell their stories. The platform or media you use to tell the story is irrelevant for this course.
Other than your imagination, it would help if you were familiar with as many of the movies as possible from this list as they will be referred to throughout the course:  Aladdin, The Lion King, Beauty And The Beast, Titanic, Kung Fu Panda.
While not needed, this course complements the Introduction to Storyboarding Concepts workshop, which provides you the basic tools to visually articulate your stories & ideas to peers, clients, producers and anyone else you might want to pitch or narrate your ideas to.
 Kushal Ruia

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