Introduction to Storyboarding Concepts

Arts Workshop

Workshop Details

Anyone who wants to learn to be a storyboarding artist or just use their basic drawing skills to articulate their ideas in a visual format— this workshop is the first step. You will learn the core concepts behind the art of storyboarding like composition, posing, staging, 180 rule etc. and how to apply this to your stories.
In addition to the fundamentals, you will complete the workshop with a beat-board of your own story idea.
Who is this course designed for?
Artists wanting to pursue storyboarding as a career as well as writers and storytellers who want to develop the basic skills to visually articulate their concepts and ideas without needing any other collaborators in the early phase of their pitch documents.
While skilled draftsmanship is not a requirement, it will help. A basic ability to draw will be presumed. (This workshop does not teach you how to draw, but how to use your drawing skills to create storyboards)
Note: This course complements the Introduction to Story Structure & Character Development workshop, which teaches the paradigm of good storytelling and how to create compelling characters for your book, film, play, comic etc. Neither course is a pre-requisite for the other.
 Kushal Ruia

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