LEARN TO DRAW: Life Drawing Part 2 (Mornings)

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“Max the Mutt Workshops With The Pros” has held “Learn To Draw,” a one month July intensive, since 1999! These are the skills you MUST develop to be able to express your artistic vision. It’s never too soon to begin!

The Learn to Draw program offers 4 workshops that meet 5 days a week for 4 weeks: Life Drawing 1, Life Drawing 2, Principles of Drawing, and Perspective and Structural Drawing. Due to popular demand, Life Drawing 1 and Principles of Drawing are now being offering in either the mornings or the afternoons.

Life Drawing Part 2: Space available

This workshop builds on the introductory principles taught during Life Drawing 1. It focuses on basic exercises in gesture, contour, cross contour, weight and modelled drawing. You will be encouraged to continue working in your sketchbook daily. Materials used include pencil, ink, charcoal , and conte crayon. The emphasis remains on developing your ability to feel what you are drawing, connecting your sense of touch to your hand and your eye. This will give power to your drawings. You will also attach your kinesthetic sense to your drawing, feeling the pose the model is taking in your own body. These skills, plus empathy, are critical parts of great drawing. This is why so many great animation artists revere this approach to teaching beginning life drawing.


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