ONLINE! Comic Books for Adults Part 1 – Wednesdays

Summer Workshop

Workshop Details

AGES: 17+, Beginners Welcome. MTM Instructor-led.

Develop your skills as a comic creator! In our comic book drawing classes, students will be introduced to the exciting world of comic construction, from how you brainstorm your initial idea to the creation of a full-sized page. Our experienced instructor will guide you through the various stages of creating a comic, including scripting, layout and designing characters, props and environments. You’ll also learn the basic principles of penciling and inking.

No experience is necessary.

Ages: 17+

Please note materials are not included in this cost. Students will be given a material list prior to the start of the class.

When you register for this Online workshop, you will receive 25% off this workshop’s listed pricing by using the coupon code STAYATHOME25 . Please note materials are not included in this cost. These materials should be purchased after we have sent out a confirmation email that this class will be running.


This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Meetings / Hangouts. Sessions will be recorded and shared with students.

  • Notebook or Laptop
  • Graph Paper Notebook
  • Comics Paper
  • Pencils (7H, 5H, 2H, HB and 2B, photo-invisible blue or red optional)
  • White Eraser
  • Bic pens
  • Markers/Brush/Nib pens
  • White Correction (acrylic or gouache)
  • A cheap but fine-tipped paint brush
  • Small jar for water
  • Paper towel

About the Instructor

Greg Beettam

is a veteran Comic Book/ Graphic Novel artist, freelance Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Writer and Visual Storytelling Expert, with 20+ years experience. Greg co-wrote a comic called Xeno’s Arrow with Stephen Geigen-Miller. In addition to his work in comics, graphic novels and cartooning, he has worked in advertising as a concept artist, specializing in storyboards, story development, script-writing, and presentation design. Greg has been a integral part in the planning, and shares the Coordinator position, for our new Illustration & Storytelling for Sequential Arts 4 year Diploma Program. He is a valuable member of the MTM faculty family.

Work Examples