ONLINE! Introduction to Perspective in Photoshop – Tues & Thurs

Summer Workshop

Workshop Details

AGES: 14-18. Beginners Welcome. MTM Student-led course.

This class intends to teach students the most basic concepts of perspective with a focus on one-point and two-point perspective with the potential for three-point. This workshop is designed to introduce students to simple perspective tools in Photoshop that can used to help them design images, scale objects/subjects in perspective, as well work with ground plane grids to help visualize objects. The focus of this workshop will be on understanding the aspects of perspective rather than how to work with huge setups for their vanishing points on paper. This workshop is intended to build students individual skills with perspective drawing and provide them with new tools for understanding how perspective works. Students are encouraged to have basic drawing and Photoshop skills, and a functioning microphone.

This workshop is Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 pm until 9 pm EST/GMT-5 and is available to those ages 15+.

When you register for this Online workshop, you will receive 25% off this workshop’s listed pricing by using the coupon code STAYATHOME25 . Please note materials are not included in this cost. These materials should be purchased after we have sent out a confirmation email that this class will be running.


This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Meetings / Hangouts. Sessions will be recorded and shared with students.


About the Instructor

PATRICK TEIXEIRA is a Brazilian Graphic Designer and a 3rd year Concept Art Student here at Max the Mutt, College of Animation, Art and Design who loves telling stories through images. Patrick has been honing his artistic skills for more than 5 years now will soon be working in the Video Game industry with a focus on designing environments. Patrick has a history with Graphic Design, Game Design, and Fine Art education which has provided him opportunities offer freelance work for the Educational Portal of the Americas and the World Bank Group. Patrick has also worked as an Art tutor and teacher in Brazil and is eager to teach in an online environment where he can share the his knowledge and passion for art in an accessible manner.

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