ONLINE! Introduction to Animation for Teens – Saturdays

Summer Workshop

Workshop Details

AGES: 12-18, Beginners Welcome. MTM Instructor-led.

Students will gain a foundational understanding of 2D and 3D animation principles, starting with an introduction to the foundation of art and design. With an emphasis on drawing still life models and compositions and the art of seeing the world creatively and interpreting objects. These essential skills are needed for students to learn how to translate their concepts and creative ideas onto a 2D surface, like various types of paper, canvas or 3D sculptures.

This 8-week course is intended to introduce teens to the subject of Animation and provide them the opportunity to develop foundational skills that will provide them the groundwork for structuring, rigging, lighting, and animating their own 3D models.

When you register for this Online workshop, you will receive 25% off this workshop’s listed pricing by using the coupon code STAYATHOME25 . Please note materials are not included in this cost. These materials should be purchased after we have sent out a confirmation email that this class will be running.


This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via ZOOM.

  • Maya  ( Free 1 Month Trial ) / 1 year Educational Trial (You will be required to register with Autodesk for this option. A copy of your workshop receipt should be provided to Autodesk along with indication that the course is taking place through Max The Mutt College of Animation Art and Design)
  • Zbrush (Optional – Free 30 day Trial)
  • System Requirements:

Artists Statement
As a visual artist, Les’ art practice has always been focused on exploring hidden facets and design elements of the city, with a particular focus on the ways that natural forms, biodiversity and natural forms, compositions and functions survive, thrive, are destroyed or adapt. Les’ art practice has encompassed acrylic painting (representational and realism), graphic novels, mixed-media (eco-art practice), and most recently 2D, stop motion and 3D animation. My 3D animation samples can be viewed online: The key research questions and themes Les’ recent 3D and plein air landscape work has focused on is: “how are humans connecting/interacting with, treating, and viewing the natural world today, especially within an urban context?”; and, “can we disconnect ourselves from the landscape around us, or is our surrounding landscape and the places we like, work, recreate and observe, an intimate part of us and an extension of our individual and collective beings?” Les is also producing 3D short films and still renders, paintings, sketches, graphic novels ( and stop motion animations, that explore and convey these landscape changes, and the adaptation/destruction of nature.

About the Instructor

LES LUXEMBURGER started making comic books at the age of six. His work evolved into character design, and acrylic painting (realist landscapes), as well as graphite work. Les’ studies at Sheridan College gave him a solid foundation in art, design and classical animation. Les produced simple line test videos and directed and produced stop motion animation films for children and teens. Les’ work evolved further, when in 2004 – 2008, he completed a Bachelor and Master degree of Environmental Studies (York University), with a focus on creating eco-city concepts and 3D models. From 2005 – 2016, Les participated in several eco-art festivals, art fairs and group and solo exhibitions of his work (i.e.: Twist Gallery, Project Gallery, Riverdale Art Walk, etc), with the intention of gaining gallery representation and commissions. Commissions pushed Les’ artistic practice so far; he longed to create impact through my work, so he studied 3D Animation at Seneca College (grad. 2017). Since 2017 Les has been a freelance 3D artist, animator and painter. Also, Les has been teaching visual art
since 2012.

Work Examples