ONLINE! Single Session Figurative Life Drawing – Saturdays

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Workshop Details

Raahem AlviLife Drawing is an essential skill for any artist to develop, not to mention a great source of stress relief. This Figurative Life Drawing workshop will explore introductory techniques and develop your understanding of the human form, referencing nude models, through much practice and exploring various Fine Art approaches.

Life drawing is the cornerstone of training art. In this workshop, students will gain more confidence in observational skills by focusing on drawing fundamentals like Gesture, Perspective, Shape design, Composition, and so on via drawing human figures. Each session will begin with a 20-minute warm-up before going into then quick timed sketches, that gradually evolves into a long 30-minute piece to practice one of the specific drawing fundamental taught in each class.
At the end of each class, all of the students will discuss how each of their classmates can improve their skills.

These single-session Figurative Life Drawing workshops are designed for those with busier schedules who may not be able to attend multi-week workshops. This class is open to beginners as well as those with experience. Interested? Select the date that works best for you when registering!  Classes take place Saturday and Sunday mornings from 10 am – 1 pm EST.

Ages: 15+ *Nude figures will be referenced.


This life drawing workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Hangouts/Meetings. Sessions will be recorded and provided to students. Students will be required to use their web camera or phone during the stream to share work if they would like to receive feedback or direction with their life drawing.

Please note that materials are not included in the cost of this class.

Students are not required to have all of the materials listed below. Any single choice of paper and drawing implement will be essential. A pen & note-taking pad are recommended (but not required).

  • Sketchbook A4 or larger size (Cartridge or Newsprint Pads can be utilized as well)
  • Red Color Pencil
  • Soft Black Pencil: 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B, 8B 
  • Pencils sharpener and/or utility knife for sharpening 
  • Kneaded eraser 
  • Charcoal, Conte (2B), or block graphite

About the Instructor

SEYEDMEHDI NIKSERESHT is an Architect based in Tehran who started teaching 3D software such as Rhinoceros and 3DS Max, and is currently teaching Figurative Drawing and Character Development to high school students. Mehdi also teaches freelance 3D Character Design using ZBrush.


Work Examples