ONLINE! Understanding Backgrounds In Comics – Tuesdays

Arts Workshop

Workshop Details

Ages 13+. MTM alumni-led course. 

Like drawing comics but find they might be… Lacking something? Or maybe backgrounds in any illustration just isn’t your strong suit? That’s okay! This workshop is designed to be technically heavy as it will include Perspective and Structural elements to help artists push outside of their comfort zone to develop backgrounds for any illustration or comic. Learn techniques on how to compose background and how those compositions can enhance the story telling of your art!

Questions? Email for more details!

Please note materials are not included in the cost of this workshop. These materials should be purchased after we have sent out a confirmation email that this class will be running.

This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Meetings / Hangouts. Students have the freedom to work digitally or traditionally! Sessions will be recorded and shared with students.

For Traditional Artists:

  • Paper (document size or larger preferred)
  • Newsprint (18×24)
  • A clear long ruler of at least 24 inches in length
  • Pencils (weight of your preference though 2H, HB, or 2B may be preferred)
  • Erasable coloured pencils (example: Col-Erase)
  • Kneaded Eraser
  • A short clear ruler
  • A range of inking pens from thin to thick

For Digital Artists:

  • A drawing program with a digital grid such as adobe photoshop, clip studio, or procreate
  • A drawing tablet


About the Instructor

ADRIANNE CHAN is a 2019 graduate of the Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art and Design from the Illustration for Sequential Arts Program. She has a fond passion for drawing narrative illustrations and believe it’s a form of art that all ages can enjoy. She aims to encourage students to draw their stories and ultimately share them as they can provide students as well as those who read them with great joy.

Adrianne has been commissioned by the calendar company Time Of Day and has produced a movie poster and short comic for the film Whenever You’re Ready, directed by Jenna Harder. Adrianne is fluent in a multitude of Digital Art programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Clipstudio and Procreate. You can see more of Adrianne’s work on Instagram or her Website.

Work Examples