Painting in Acrylic with Scott Cameron

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This course will take you step by step through the processes artists use to paint still life from a set-up. No prior training is required, but experience drawing still life would help! For those of you interested in Concept Art, I can’t stress enough how important this workshop will be for giving you the knowledge to prepare portfolio studies.

Materials: Paint and brushes are included with this workshop. Students will be asked only to bring paper towels, a plastic knife, a water container and a tray or wax paper for mixing paint on.
Scott Cameron is professional illustrator and painter, who has also worked as a background painter for Disney. He’s a valued instructor at Max the Mutt and can give you a good understanding of process so that you can continue after this workshop to work on your own and develop portfolio work.
NOTE: The Mongol Horsemen below is a sample of Scott’s work.

Work Examples