ONLINE! The Fundamentals and Process of Animation For Teachers

Professional Development Workshop

Workshop Details

Who this workshop is for:

High School art teachers who are interested in learning the foundation and process of animation production.  You will be given the building blocks to continue experimenting and exploring with your own work while being able to pass your knowledge of these techniques onto your students.

What we’ll do:

This workshop will introduce the fundamentals and process of creating animated content.  We will first introduce the principles of animation (created by animation pioneers, Disney’s 9 Old Men) and discuss the steps of creating an animated production from start to finish.  

Then it will be time to start animating together!  We will walk through your first animation step by step as we continue to discuss, explore and experiment with the principles of animation in practice.

Tip:  Any animation/production questions are welcomed & encouraged throughout our time together.  It may be beneficial to write down any questions you have beforehand, so nothing is overlooked.

What you need:

An eagerness to learn and willingness to interact.


  • A reliable computer.
  • Microphone/Webcam
  • A working knowledge of Google Meets & how to present your screen.
  • A drawing tablet or Cintiq.  NOTE:  This is NOT a tablet such as an ipad.  This is a drawing tablet so you are not drawing with a mouse.  Here are some examples (prices range based on size & functionality.  We also have no affiliation with Best Buy.  Shop around!):

A note on tablets:  The brand “Wacom” is the industry standard.  It can easily take a day or two to adjust to using a tablet.  You have to train your mind to connect with where your hand is drawing VS. where it is on the screen (a Cintiq is MUCH more expensive, but eliminates this issue).  So take some time prior to our workshop getting comfortable using a tablet.  Don’t be afraid, it isn’t hard–just takes adjustment.


We will be using free animation software for this workshop.  It is important to note, this will not be a workshop in how to use the software.  A working knowledge before we meet will be required.  More information and resources will be provided after registration.


About the Instructor

BRAD FERGUSON is a Director/Showrunner, Animator, Storyboard Artist and Character Designer who enthusiastically brings his 21 years of wide-ranging industry experience to the classroom, as both an Instructor and Coordinator of the Animation Program (years 3 & 4) at Max the Mutt College of Animation, Art & Design.

You can learn more about Brad here:

Online portfolio:

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Instagram:  @art_of_Brad_Ferguson

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