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Intro to Traditional Fine Art Skills & Portfolio Development,  ‘Certificate Program’!

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Classes with top professionals, including figurative drawing, perspective, still life drawing, basic  design & composition, colour theory and intro to painting !

With successful completion of this program, you will have  fulfilled the general portfolio requirements for Max the Mutt diploma programs.

Figurative Life Drawing: 60 hours of instruction 

Perspective & Structural Drawing: 30 hours of instruction 

Principles of Drawing: 60 hours of instruction

Design & Composition, Colour Theory & Intro to Painting:  30 hours of instruction

Total program: 180 hours of instruction

Personal review meetings with each instructor a final full review of all the student’s best work,  assistance in making portfolio choices. All students who get a PASS in all parts of the program will receive a certificate. To get a PASS grade, professional behaviour is required. This includes ability to take direction, respect for everyone in the group, and focus.

Successful completion of this Certificate Program fulfills the “general”portfolio requirements for application to Max the Mutt Diploma Programs.

The certificate program classes as well as our workshops, are designed for people who want to develop basic skills either in the hope of applying to colleges or universities for art based programs, or for personal interest.

NOTE: International students are allowed to take workshops for up to 6 months with a visitors visa.

Closed Monday August 6 for Civic Holiday. Make up class is on Saturday, August 11, 2018.


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