ONLINE! Weapon Design for Characters

Kids & Teens Workshop

Workshop Details

“Weapon Design for Characters” – Great design is all about characters and their weapons made specifically for them. In this special workshop, students will learn all about about making great weapons and the step by step process behind creating them.

Each class, students will be taught a complete process behind designing weapons for a wide range of characters and styles. Students will specifically be taught about how weapon design applies to storytelling.

This workshop is intended for anyone ages 14+

Workshop sessions will happen once a week, and be 3 hours each!


This workshop requires Internet Access and will take place via Google Hangouts/Meetings. Sessions will be recorded and provided to students. Students will be required to use their web camera or phone during the stream to share work if they would like to receive feedback or direction with their artwork.

Please note that materials are not included in the cost of this class.

Students are not required to have all of the materials listed below.

  • Drawing Tablet

  • Digital drawing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Krita (free) or Clip Studio Paint

  • Pencil and paper for sketching (not required)

  • Computer with Internet Access


About the Instructor

BEN KRUCK is a concept artist and graduate of Max the Mutt College. As a visual storyteller Ben shares his imagination through his paintings using lighting and many other artist tools. Well versed in concept design, Ben shows his passion through a great body of work, containing weapons, characters environments and vehicles.

To view more of Ben’s work, Click Here to visit his Online Portfolio

Work Examples